LANGA INTERNATIONAL is an independent energy producer that

Develops, builds and operates renewable energy facilities..

Our renewable energy solutions.


Solar energy is the most competitive and easiest to deploy in most countries. Well-designed solar power plants are an asset for the economic development and enhancement of our regions. They are even a source of biodiversity, creating significant protected areas.

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Wind power

Onshore wind power is also a mature renewable energy with proven competitiveness. We are currently concentrating our wind power installations in Italy, France and Chile.

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Hydroelectricity is a controlled source of energy, with the advantage of being able to be mobilised quickly to cope with peaks in consumption. It is also a competitive energy source, thanks to its long service life.

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Storage is the best response to the intermittent nature of renewable energies. With its cost divided by three over the last four years, this technology can now be deployed on an industrial scale, offering a range of solutions: smoothing of injected production, network services, eligibility for non-interconnected markets.

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Green hydrogen

The production of hydrogen from renewable energy is a tool for decarbonising industrial and mobility uses. It can be produced using a water electrolysis system that consumes electricity, on both a small and large scale.

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Our latest news.


LANGA INTERNATIONAL welcomes SWEN Capital Partners and benefits from the renewed support of existing shareholders including Bpifrance via its France Investissement Energie Environnement fund and RGREEN INVEST to accelerate its development in France and abroad through a 85 million euro capital increase.

(January 18, 2024)

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LANGA INTERNATIONAL, in association with EOLFI's historic onshore management team, announces the acquisition of EOLFI SAS from Shell. Since its creation in 2004, EOLFI has been a pioneer in the field of renewable energy. Shell acquired EOLFI in 2019, in particular to strengthen its capabilities in floating offshore wind. 

(January 09, 2024)

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Our values guide our relationships and actions with all our stakeholders, partners, customers and local communities.

Shared by more than 120 employees of 15 different nationalities, they are the foundation of our identity and the intangible reference points for our day-to-day decisions.
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